Why League of Legends is so addicting? Science answers

Why League of Legends is so addicting? Science answers


How many times have you said “I’m quitting League of Legends” when we lose frustratingly or when we realize that we spent more than half a day playing? No doubt it has ever happened to us, but if you are here, it is because you probably said it and returned to play after a few days. Some psychology portals identify three general causes why a gamer becomes addicted.


say what meme

League of Legends has a difficulty curve that motivates you to play more and more. In the same way that your parents feel super happy to pass a level of Candy Crush, we feel the same as improving with a champion, achieving a certain champion mastery or climbing in ranked games.

The difficulty curve plus ranks and masters offer rewarding senses, which make us want to get better and have more achievements, which we have to achieve by playing more.

If you look at some other MOBAs, the amount of rewards they offer is minimal compared to League of Legends or it is too difficult to get them. In addition, League of Legends offers us wide feedback at the end of the games, which allows us to see in detail what we can improve and the relationship between the game and the player becomes more enriching. Sometimes players use hacks or scripts in League of Legends to have more fun.

league of legends end game screenFamily or Social Problems

here we go again memeHow many has not happened to us that after a difficult day school or work all we want to do is get home and play for a little? For this,  League of Legends has different game modes in which we can get out our frustration without necessarily have to get to rank, we can always play a relaxing ARAM.

Not only that, playing also allows us to take a moment away from the different obligations we have; So that not only family problems, but also duties and chores can cause us some addiction.

No alternative activities

Or so we believe. It is very often that when you are playing LoL and think of something else you have to do, this does not seem attractive enough. And let’s not talk about homework, sometimes the simple fact of going out on the street does not seem as attractive as staying to play.
When you start falling in love with a game, this becomes why you do not want to leave. However, if you find any sport, activity or even another game that you can substitute it is likely that this addiction will go down.

These three things combine a game like League of Legends to become addictive, although in general it works for any video game. But why are not other games so addictive? The answer is that Riot Games has managed to put the reward feeling at a very high level, where you can feel yourself for simple things (like playing a champ a lot until you mastery 5) or for complex things like reaching a high rank. See you on the rift summoner!

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