Why you should buy a League of Legends Smurf Account

Why you should buy a League of Legends Smurf Account

What is a League of Legends smurf account

Have you ever wondered what are smurfs? If you ever thought that Tristana is a smurf then you are right but people don’t relate Tristana to League of Legend smurf accounts.

A smurf account is a secondary account belonging to a player who has higher ranking. People usually create smurf accounts for that reason but we will explain the top reasons of why you should buy a League of Legends smurf account:

  • Decrease queue times if your main account is in a high tier and you can’t find matches. When you purchase League of Legends smurf accounts you be able to find matches quickly.
  • Practice new builds and champions without risking a loss on your main account. Experimenting with new strategies is a lot easier with a lower ranked smurf.
  • Play with people on a different server. If you have friends overseas or just want to see how the meta differs in other regions, a smurf account on a different server is a great option.
  • Have something to do if you take a dodge penalty. If you are stuck on a 30-minute dodge penalty timer you can play a game on your smurf to pass the time.
  • Backup account. Just in case your main account is compromised or banned.
  • Play with your low ELO friends. It is always nice to brag about how good you are at League of Legends and boost your noob friends 😉
  • Troll. This is not a good reason  to buy a smurf account but it is always fun to play Soraka ADC.
  • Hide who you are. If you are Faker Senpai you can hide your identity by buying a smurf account.
  • REKT low ELO players. It is always fun to rekt low elo players and feel like you are a Challenger player.

Whether you want a practice new strategies, builds, and playstyles without playing a high ranked game on your main account or you just aren’t happy with your current League of Legends account, buying a smurf account will allow you to have instant access to a new account without having to create one for yourself.

 why you should buy a lol account

Why you should buy a League of Legends smurf account from UnrankedLoLSmurfs

So the real deal is why you should buy a smurf account from us? Basically we are the best place to buy your new League of Legends smurf account. Our accounts are leveled using top notch technology – Orianna and Blitzcrank can prove that – but this is not the only reason of why you should purchase a LoL account from us. There are more reasons to buy a LoL account, our website uses SSL technology (probably you don’t know what this is) but we can guarantee that your private details are secure with us also we do not log any of your credit card details because we are using Paypal as our main payment processor, beware of shady smurf account providers. Buying a smurf account will save you from 170 hours of boring games.

At UnrankedLoLSmurfs we offer free lifetime warranty so if your account is banned for any reason of your own, we will provide you a new smurf account free of charge. When buying a LoL account from us it will be delivered into your email instantly as soon as your payment is confirmed. If you ever need assistance we have a dedicated department for that so don’t worry if you have a question we got your back.

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