Top Rarest League of Legends Skins 2017

Top Rarest League of Legends Skins 2017

Another year’s gone by, and League is still going strong. With all these skins in life how can you be sure what is rare? Well We have got you covered. Starting off our list at number 16 we have:

Rarest League of Legends Skins ever

Riot Squad Singed

Riot Squad Singed Skin

Unlike its fellow Riot skins who sometimes make their way back into the shop during special promotions, Riot Singed, besides being accessed from a Riot Employee in Gamescom 2010, was just released in the shop once for RP, which was back in 2011. Since that time, he has been locked away in the vault.

Legacy Championship Riven


Released in the Season 2 World Championship, this skin has made the rarity graphs for quite a while now. But this skin was re published lately in 2016. That said, anyone that had the Championship Riven unlocked previously would find a special. Crown in match, and a loading screen boundary signifying that you had the first.

Triumphant Ryze

Triumphant Ryze Skin

As one of the few still accessible skins on this list, it gets the rarity chart since you will need to acquire a Riot sponsored League of Legends occasion. Which, you’d think only experts would have. But as it happens, everyone can reach out and possibly start one with Riot’s permission.

Hextech Annie & Soulstealer Vayne

Hextech Annie SkinSoulstealer Vayne Skin

Featuring all new version, textures, animations, and particle. Effects, both of these skins are new additions to our list this season. Typically requiring 10 rare diamonds to acquire, or an extremely lucky skin shard in the Hextech crafting system, these skins can easily run you a couple of hundred dollars if you should purchase the boxes outright, or years of in match play to obtain.

Silver Kayle

This skin was only accessible by buying the retail copy of the collector’s edition. It is considerably lower on the list because it didn’t call for a preorder, and was marketed for some time afterwards. But, all expired skin codes were handicapped in 2014, which makes this one unobtainable.

Urf Warwick

Urf Warwick Skin

Published on April 1st of 2010, as a part of a forum occasion where Urf was announced as the newest winner, and then “killed” off on the day of his release, his skin price was initially put at 5000 RP, although it had been discounted by 99 percent the first week, and by 90 percent the next week, before return to the entire 5000 RP price on the previous day, then disappearing into the emptiness once more. The outpouring of love for the skin was astonishing. Over 15k skins were sold on April 1st alone. Based on one IGN report, Riot received over 74 videos, 398 poems, 130 pieces of art, and some 150+ other kinds of content including animations, short stories, and flash based computer games devoted to the fallen hero. In the long run, Riot donated the earnings of the launch day earnings to Save the Manatee Club, which totalled around 5k. Read more about URF Warwick here.

Judgement Kayle

Judgement Paypal

This skin was obtained by playing 10 rated games in Season 1. Still, because of the reduced player base at the moment, is also quite rare. According to a Riot press launch at the start of Season One, they’d at least three million registered accounts, and in the end of Season 1, there were 15 million registered accounts, and 1.4 million players each day. This implies there might be as many as possibly a thousand in circulation, though that figure is somewhat unlikely since it’s still quite rare to find one in casual play. Riot’s celebratory skin makes number 9 on our list

UFO Corki

UFO Corki Skin

This skin was given out to all summoners who had enrolled their accounts before Jan 14th 2010. Riot made a forum post requesting their players to vote up League of Legends from the GameSpy and IGN polls, which they then won. Especially the IGN PC Best Strategy Game 2009, and Gamespy Gamer’s Choice Awards 2009. It too has the restricted tag, meaning it can’t be obtained via puzzle gifts or hextech crafting. If you made it through beta, then you grabbed amount 8.

King Rammus

King Rammus Skin

This skin has been obtained by engaging in the closed beta. And, it is pretty much like a specific princess snatching villain from the other game you are probably familiar with. It is believed that up to 250k of those skins exist in North America. The skin has been re released temporarily for Brazilian players because of their own beta server testing. The following two are fairly close.

Pax Jax

PAX Jax Skin

Pax Jax premiered during the Pax East/Prime 2010 and Pax East 2011 events. The Pax Prime 2010 presence was reported at about 67k, Pax East 2010 reported 52k attended, and Pax East 2011 held a similar amount to the prior year – approximately 53k. Up to around 175k skins are floating around.

Pax Sivir


Another Pax skin, this one was released during Pax Prime 2011. Due to only being published at one event, it’s made quite a little more uncommon than Jax. Attendance was reported to be over 70k. At number 5, we’ve got another set of skins.

Grey Warwick & Medieval Twitch

Grey Warwick SkinMedieval Twitch Skin

Initially these skins were some of the rarest of the rare, coming just from recruitment gigantic amounts of people to League of Legends. Warwick took 50 referrals who struck lv 10, and Twitch required a gigantic 350. Riot then revamped the Refer a Friend in version two, to only require 25 and 50 recruits, and then cut again in RaF 3.0 in Feb 2015 to require 5 and 3 accounts at level 10 respectively. Unfortunately, RaF was done away with as of September 2015, leaving these skin unobtainable. Though, Riot has said they could be re introduced as rewards for social initiatives in the future. And our number four is:

Victorious Jarvan

Victorious Jarvan Skin

Victorious Jarvan was the season one reward for being higher or gold in ranked play. According to a press release from Riot, they’d 1.4m players daily on average in the end of the season. In the event that you had the top 3.2 percent of gamers being higher and gold – maybe 45 – 50k cases of the skin exist. Nearing the top of the list at number 3:

Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank Skin

An incredibly rare skin, it was initially published in November 2009, but it was deemed to be so poor in quality and so like his foundation skin that it was removed after three months. This one is no longer accessible, even via puzzle gifts or hextech crafting, like Urf the Manatee, and UFO Corki. Though, if you are really determined to find a darker Blitzcrank, then you may simply turn your screen brightness down a little bit. Runner up is:

Pax Twisted Fate

PAX Twisted Fate Skin

This skin was given out at PAX 2009, the first year that the game had made an appearance at any given function. The entire attendance at the event was 60,750. So you are still looking at quite a rare skin, even if everybody got one. Before Riot banned using expired skin codes in 2014, you could locate them on Ebay for upwards of a million bucks.

Triumphant Ryze / Black Alistar

Black Alistar Skin

These were obtained by pre ordering the collector’s edition of League of Legends. Most likely both rarest skins in the game, because who preorders a F2P match? Additionally, Riot disabled expired skin codes in 2014, so in case you find these two walking the rift, you are in for a treat, since they’re no longer available. We all know a few of you guys will disagree with our ranks, but hey we have a few more that just were not quite there to make our record, which makes them our honorable mentions. And these are Riot Nasus, Riot Kayle, Riot Graves, Victorious Elise, Victorious Janna, Victorious Morgana, Victorious Sivir, and shortly to be Victorious Maokai in the end of season 6. For one reason or another, they simply fell somewhat shy, either being re released more than once, or maybe just having many more people earn them. If you are disappointed that you did not see your skin recorded here, or think we are straight up wrong, make certain to let us know in the comments below.

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