What are League of Legends Scripts and How you can use them

What are League of Legends Scripts and How you can use them

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Hacks in League of Legends have become really popular in the past years even Riot Games Inc. has come to sue the largest script community called LeagueSharp. These cheats have a negative impact on legit players game play. Using these scripts is more common than you think. League of Legends has around 70 million active players per month according to a 2014 statistic. If you are a scripter you should know that the usage of hacks in League of Legends is extremely forbidden and you are breaching Riot Games Terms of Use and your account can be closed.

What are scripts in League of Legends?

A script is a tool that allows you to do a lot of things. Among all the scripts the most known are the scripts for Cassiopea and Xerath, and scripts that allow you to dodge everything even without no perspective of the opponent. There are many more scripts, there isn’t only a script for every champion, there are various scripts for each champion, and they differ in what they are doing, that is within the options you can change for the script to act, let’s say it’s like when you see a video on Youtube, the video has a function, and within that function you have a configurable options. Currently there are three types of scripts that can be used in League of Legends:

  • Scripts for Champions: It’s the most-known type of script out there. This script can make perfect combos against the opponents, farm lane or jungle, it even last hits the minions. Here is an example of champion scripts:

  • Utility Scripts: Utility scripts are tools that have an impact on your game play rather than for champions. Utility scripts may not be considered as cheating by Riot Games. For example, a script that expands your HUD or status bar with a Spotify or Youtube interface so you can change the track while you are playing or even watch a video of your favorite anime while you are playing League of Legends, how cool is that? For the other side there are scripts that track your jungle timing (this is not really useful at all by the latest changes), timing opponent’s ultimate time, last seen position of the enemy champion and even you can automatically evade skill shots without vision. Also there are scripts that will level up your smurf account up to level 30 (don’t panic, we don’t use those 😉 ). Here is an example of evade script:
  • Visual Scripts: Visual scripts are pretty much undetectable as they only affect what the player can see and not what the player character does, this includes but not limited to: tower range, fog of war, player hit box.

How to spot a scripter in game

So you are in the middle of a game and you suspect of someone that could be scripting? Read the following guidelines to detect if the suspect is scripting:

  • Is playing any of these champions? Ryze, Xerath, Fiora, Yasuo, Cassiopeia, Kalista or Katarina? you can find the most common or best champions that scripters use here.
  • Immediately moves, flashes or uses a champion skill to dodge the skillshot or 180º degree turns spinning and stutter stepping right after the skillshot is casted.
  • Perfect combos while fighting.
  • 100% last hit accuracy.
  • Professional kiting (marksman mechanics).

How to download scripts for free in 2017

If you want to download scripts here is a list where you can download scripts for free. We do not encourage the usage of scripts and you should be aware that you are breaching Riot Games Terms of Use. Never use scripts on your main account, we recommend you to buy a League of Legends smurf account. If you don’t have the money to purchase a smurf account then create a new account and play against bots. Here are the best League of Legends script sites:

EloBuddy Logo

  • EloBuddy: EloBuddy landed right after LeagueSharp started to charge money for their service. EloBuddy is the best scripting tool you can use at this moment, EB has improved a lot since its release. You can download EloBuddy for free here. If you want to support EloBuddy developers you should know that they offer a subscription plan and paid scripts. If you don’t know how to use EloBuddy then watch this LoL script tutorial.

BotOfLegends Logo

  • BotOfLegends: Known as BoL, is the oldest and one of the most know scripting tools. Most of BoL scripts are paid and you need to paid a monthly fee of $10, but if you really want to spend money on scripts BotOfLegends is the best script tool you can use. You can download BoL Studio here.

GamingOnSteroids Logo

  • GamingOnSteroids: GamingOnSteroids is the newest scripting tool released, even though GoS was a mediocre tool with a lot of problem, it has quite improved since its released, they even have an external script loader ( but you have to pay a fee in order to use it). You can download GoS here.LeagueSharp Logo
  • LeagueSharp: LeagueSharp was the best scripting tool you could use, LS had to shut down in February 2017. You can find the old LeagueSharp webpage here. LeagueSharp has become Engage.IO and they offer Dota2 scripts.

If you want to learn more about League of Legends then visit LoLScript.

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