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About UnrankedLoLSmurfs

Smurfs accounts belong to players who already got another principal LoL account that’s level 30. A smurf is a way lower level account that a player uses to train against less skilled opponents. Smurfs from UnrankedLoLSmurfs are already level 30 so that you do not have to waste time leveling up again, but are unranked meaning it is still possible to practice contrary to the less skilled opponents.
We’re 100\% safe & protected, but do not just take our word for it – check our exceptional customer reviews about our FB our reviews department. Our evaluations are managed by individually – we can not edit or delete them and they are all from actual, verified clients. Additionally, our principal payment processor is PayPal, the most secure payment service accessible. Still not sure? Click here to find out more!
You can contact us via our 24/7 LiveChat support or straight to our contact email address
We level our smurfs utilizing a exceptional technology which we developed. We’re the sole LoL account vendor to apply this exceptional technology and as such have the smallest supply speeds of anybody!
We create our LoL smurf accounts. We’re the only who have access to such accounts until they are offered to you – they don’t come from any third party.


Purchase & Delivery FAQS

After buying your LoL account that the login details will be emailed INSTANTLY. This automated services works 24/7, 365 days a year – no more waiting for emails with account details in!
In addition to instant delivery we’ll also email a copy of your login info to your PayPal email address. Please read this email carefully – it includes important information on how best to activate your particular warranty!
Bulk orders are disabled at this moment.
At this moment we sell smurf accounts for North America, EU West, Europe Nordic, Oceania and PBE.
Please check your junk folder, as it can be that your details have landed in there. If you still do not have an email please contact us and we will get it sorted for you straight away.
We now accept all our payments via PayPal as this is a simple and secure way of payment. PayPal is accessed through their own servers which means we do not store, or even see, any of your payment details.
No – You can buy via PayPal without an account simply by utilizing your credit/debit or bank card.

LoL Account FAQs

The summoner names of their accounts we supply are arbitrary, however, have some sense. For Instance: “Kappa” or “Keepo1”.
No, sadly you can not. Account details aren’t assigned to a sequence before after purchase. But you may change your summoner title at the League of Legends customer using either RP or even IP.
You will need at least 20 champions so as to play games that are ranked. Our reports have sufficient IP to purchase 20 champions so just go over to the shop in the League of Legends customer, purchase some winners and begin playing!
You need at least 20 winners so as to play ranked games. Our smurfs  have enough IP to purchase 20 champions so just head over to the shop in the League of Legends customer, purchase some winners and begin playing!
Yes! All accounts include sufficient IP or champs (depends on the package) to play ranked games!

LoL Account Safety & Security FAQs

You can change your password & email via the League of Legends website. A guide is included in your welcome/purchase email.

No, your primary account will not be banned. There no connection whatsoever between your smurf account along with your primary account.

Payment FAQs

No – PayPal will switch the payment into your currency of your bank account.
Unfortunately at this moment we can’t accept Paysafecard, just Paypal. In the future we will offer PSC as a payment method.
Yes. You can pay directly using a Visa / Mastercard / AMEX with a PayPal account!
If you decide to pay with eCheck with PayPal, it might take several days for the payment to get cleared by PayPal. After the payment is cleared and finished our automatic systems will ship you your League of Legends account to your PayPal email. If you want to get your account instantly please use another method of payment.

Warranty FAQs

We are the ONLY site with our exceptional special warranty. It means that if your account gets banned because of “account sharing / accounts trading”, we’ll provide a new LoL smurf account at no cost! Please be sure you read your welcome email carefully for details about how to activate your particular warranty!
If you do any of these things mentioned previously and get banned, we are not going to offer a new account. Do NOT modify your League of Legends client
If your account is prohibited through any fault of ours we will replace it absolutely free – This protects you from any errors or flaws we make.
Our warranty will cover your League of Legends smurf accounts for the remainder of it’s presence.

Business FAQs

Contact us through email for further information.

Either you are a small or big Youtuber / Twitch streamer you can be come one of our affiliates. If you want more info contact us at

Yes! We accept guest blogging at this moment. If you would like to write on our blog please get in touch with is through email

Still need help? Don’t worry! Our Live Customer Support is online 24/7! Talk to us now!

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