Top Rarest League of Legends Skins 2017

Another year’s gone by, and League is still going strong. With all these skins in life how can you be sure what is rare? Well We have got you covered. Starting off our list at number 16 we have: Rarest League of Legends Skins everContents1 Rarest League of Legends Skins ever1.1 Riot Squad Singed1.2 Legacy […]

Why League of Legends is so addicting? Science answers

  How many times have you said “I’m quitting League of Legends” when we lose frustratingly or when we realize that we spent more than half a day playing? No doubt it has ever happened to us, but if you are here, it is because you probably said it and returned to play after a […]

What are League of Legends Scripts and How you can use them

Hacks in League of Legends have become really popular in the past years even Riot Games Inc. has come to sue the largest script community called LeagueSharp. These cheats have a negative impact on legit players game play. Using these scripts is more common than you think. League of Legends has around 70 million active players per […]

Best League of Legends Wallpapers for every Champion in HD

Are you tired of the typical and boring Windows default wallpaper? Are you a fan of League of Legends? If the answer for both questions is yes then continue reading this article. These wallpapers serve for all resolutions and fit well for every resolution, no matter if your computer is 1920×1080 or 1386×768. You can […]

Free League of Legends Skins & Champions

League of Legends currently has 136 champions in game, and all of them costing huge amounts of IP and will take you a lot of time to unlock them so maybe the best choice is to buy a LoL Smurf. There are many skins in League of Legends which you can get for free nevertheless […]

Why you should buy a League of Legends Smurf Account

What is a League of Legends smurf accountContents1 What is a League of Legends smurf account2  3 Why you should buy a League of Legends smurf account from UnrankedLoLSmurfs Have you ever wondered what are smurfs? If you ever thought that Tristana is a smurf then you are right but people don’t relate Tristana to […]

How to get better at League of Legends

Most players need to climb their approach to Diamond and boast about it to their companions. Sadly it’s not generally as simple as that. Amid the diversions, they frequently get disappointed at losing and regularly point the finger at others for their own particular failings. This endless loop in the end closes with them back […]

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